Monday, July 21, 2014

Another transition

Today Chuck starts a transfer to a new site, with the same company. He will be doing essentially the same thing, but the crew and his prospects are in his favor and I pray that he will be blessed with promotion and increase. It was a situation that was hovering in the background for a while and within a week he was contacted and it was scheduled.

He is now enroute to the Fairfield site which is near Dickinson, ND. It is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours driving, but I am not as emotional this time as I was when he departed Tucson.  He IS only that short drive versus an airline flight or 25 hours of driving time.

I will be on my own for two weeks at a time and then he will be here for two weeks. I am comforted that it is essentially a short distance and we can Skype and call as before. One surprising thing that has emerged is that Dickinson is on Mountain time while Tioga is on Central time! The Missouri River marks a time zone boundary west of Bismarck and running along the south side of the river.   He will gain an hour tonight.

Now I will have to remember what time it is in North Dakota along with California, Arizona and Oklahoma although the last is easier since it is the same as me!

July 30th Melissa is coming to see us and I am so excited. Her visit could have been a deal breaker for the transfer if they hadn't agreed to let Chuck be off for her visit. He told his boss that she was coming to see him (this is true) and that he had to be able to spend more than two or three days with her. That they agreed was a hopeful sign that his contributions are valued to them.  Melissa did tell people she was coming to see her dad since it had been Christmas 2012 since they had seen each other.

One year and seven months I expect is too long for a daughter to miss her dad, especially when they are in complete agreement in the way they think and so much alike.

Just got a call from Chuck and he is driving into a tornado watch!!! Ok, worry meter just spiked. Where he is heading there is a severe thunderstorm warning with the tornado watch. Now I will just wait to hear he has arrived safely.


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