Saturday, July 12, 2014

Traveling and losing my cat

For the last week Chuck and I have been doing some sightseeing in North Dakota. We've gone as far east as Minot, as far north as Power's Lake, as far west as Fort Union (you actually cross into Montana about a 100 yards and back into ND) and then south to Theodore Roosevelt National Park North. Lots of driving, listening to music and talking as we cruise over the northern plains. It has been very eye opening, there is true beauty here.

The Explorer is a very comfortable ride and we actually were about 30 feet from two huge bison lumbering down the middle of the road holding up traffic! However in that park I dropped my cell phone - the battery went one way, the back went another and the phone landed face down shattering it. Now no contacts, no call logs, and no bison photos!

I received a message a few days ago from my neighbor in Catalina saying that her husband saw that Sasha was dead in the yard. This saddened me so because I had felt guilty about leaving her behind even though our reasons we felt were good.  She was getting older and a little lazier. She had never known anywhere else but our neighborhood in Catalina. She was actually born a block away from our house and came to live with us when she was 8 weeks old. She knew how to protect herself, when to hide and was a great rodent population controller. When we were last there in May she seemed slower and a bit haggard. I took this to think that we should leave her there in my nephews care and not shock her with a relocation. Kris had tried to take her to his house but she found her way back home and didn't want to leave. He made sure she was fed and had water. Poor sweet Sasha. He buried her in the back yard.

Much discussion is going on about our future and plans are in the works but I don't have anything to reveal yet so be patient.  Loving the weather and I don't mind the humidity.

Cooper, well he is still simple Cooper.


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