Thursday, July 31, 2014

O Canada!

The exploration has begun and the first trip is into Canada with an overnight in Regina, Saskatchewan. We drove straight north out of Tioga and crossed the border without issue. Everyone had their passports.  There were lots of farms and fewer oil wells as we drove on.

The road was good and we aimed the car for Moose Jaw. Yes that is the name. I don't know how you put that into a school cheer and it looked really strange printed on buildings and signs.  It seemed fake to me whenever I saw it. We were ready for lunch so a drive down main street led us to the annoying discovery that all the streets, even side streets had parking meters.

Hello! No Canadian coins on any of us.

Chuck said he wanted to head back to a restaurant he saw called "Original Joe's" and so we found it, pulled in and parked. It was actually fairly warm, low 80's but we dined alfresco. The food was great and not too expensive. 

We decided to go to the Western Development Museum just down Main Street. We parked and walked up to the entrance and just as I was wondering out loud, "I wonder if they charge?" I saw a sign that said $10 a person! What?? Thirty dollars for the three of us to walk through a museum about the development of transportation! The Smithsonian in Washington DC is free!

No thanks.

So back in the car and on to Regina. After a short trip we arrived at our hotel. And here we sit. There is a casino next door so that sounds like a fun night out. Tomorrow we will do a bit of sightseeing in downtown and head back to Tioga. 

Oh and one more thing, cell phones. Costs $$ for roaming, data, etc., so no texting unless necessary. We had to use an old fashioned map to find out way here, but we did it!


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