Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sometimes I feel old

Yesterday morning I decided I was going to ride my bike for the first time since we brought our bikes up here in May. It was proving to be a beautiful morning with fluffy white clouds and a light breeze. Altogether a splendid morning. 

I took my bike out and looked it over. I tested the tires and they seemed to be a little low, so another search and I found the hand pump. It took me a couple of tries to get it secured to the stem and then I started pumping.  The pressure gauge is hard to read, years of being in the sun had clouded it over but it looked like I had enough pressure in the tires. I tried the tires again and they still seemed a little low so I decided to give them a quick test run around the park.

I must add that in looking for the pump I found the bag with my helmet in it. That's all, I found it.

Putting my purse in the basket (an old lady thing-the purse and the basket,) I had brought it outside with me and didn't want to carry it back inside, I started off. Glancing quickly at the tires they seemed to be holding my weight pretty well so I decided to head to the post office since I had a letter to mail.  What the heck, I was cruising in the cool air.

I must insert that the post office is about a mile or mile and a half from my trailer.

As I rode I was thinking of Japan and how I rode my bike everywhere, it was freedom and joy for me. The trip was flying by and as I started across the railroad tracks an SUV passed carrying two cute young men and they waved and smiled at me. I smiled back and felt a little young myself! I came to the road in front of the post office and pulled onto the sidewalk. I stopped at the front door and started to get off the bike when my shoe caught on the cross bar and I fell. I remember thinking "Oh crap I'm falling!" and felt my bum hit and then my head smacked the pavement. All of this felt like a slow motion scene even though it was seconds.

I got up quickly and looked around to see if anyone was nearby and saw me, and I was thankful I was alone on the street. The back of my head was burning and I felt a big lump immediately. I grabbed my purse and went into the post office, dropped off my letter and checked my mail.  I wasn't dizzy, or lightheaded but I felt a sense of anger at myself for not wearing the helmet, embarrassed and just plain old shaken up.

I came out and got on the bike and rode back home just as easily although the bump on my head was aching. I was careful once I was home to have a hand hold when I got off the bike. I applied cold packs to my head and sat and calmed myself, resting as much as I could. I never did have any concussion symptoms which proved the point that I am very hard headed!

This morning as I woke, a thunderstorm was passing with lots of lightning and thunder and heavy rain. I was so happy that God woke me with his special alarm. I felt the bump and it had gone down considerably though still tender, then I stretched and Yikes!!!! I had sore muscles all over my neck, back, bum, knee and wrist. Well another day of taking it a bit easier. My sister, Lisa suggested hot moist towels which work really well and I want to take a walk later. My sore butt will keep me off the bike for a few more days but I will ride again, with a helmet, and not give in to any fears.

This old girl will push through!


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